Training Management

We certainly understand that large teams and projects are complex and we pride ourselves on our agility and transformation to react to issues and create solutions that will support your staff that comprises of internal and external support system using approaches and expertise that have evolved throughout Medi Transcare’s journey in the industry.

We are facilitators in upgrading the Training and Development processes inclusive of Training need assessment, a critical preview of program planning, validation, conducting the program, evaluation and follow-up.

Our role is to set the agenda, establish ground rules, initiate the discussion and allow the session to flow. We are enablers and our focus is more on the process of discussion and we function in a way to assume responsibility for their own learning. Therefore, we design an approach for engaging participants in dynamic and interactive training segments and we organise trainings as per our clients requirements, arranging trainers, faculties and also targeting cost reduction by managing the accommodation services for the candidates.

Our consultants have expert facilitation skills, so they can work with you on the creation and implementation of a strategic vision and improving cross-functional or multi-disciplinary team working. We make sure that if you are investing in a training program it should be a sure-fire success.