Performance Management

The purpose of performance management is ultimately communication which is to improvise the performance of our workforce. It is rewarding when sales team performs in alignment with the business objectives.

Medi Transcare has a structured process of understanding a company’s performance management and carries a dual responsibility of ensuring the employees do not hamper the credibility of our clients. We evaluate the key performance indicators and key results areas and operate on a SMART (SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT AND TIME- BOUND) parameter. The smart method further gives you a sense of direction and helps you organise your goals.

Medi Transcare facilitates performance reviews under client supervision as: –

  • Performance Reviews to help document salary actions
  • Provide feedback to employees on their performance
  • Reviews conducted to identify training needs by identifying good or average performers
  • Assist with personnel planning including staffing
  • Help management with the decision to retain or terminate
  • Discuss the appraisal systems and review them so as to make sure they are transparent and manage performance-based Recognitions and incentive programs.


Medi Transcare Sales force effectiveness program provides a definite targeting strategy to guide decision making and influence the healthcare sectors market largely as we discuss the potential strengths, limitations and success factors that improve the company sales results.

The set of strategy powered by Medi Transcare inculcates: –

  • Develop a customised field-based target segmentation methodology to compute promotional effectiveness.
  • Optimise field-based size and structure, including territory alignment design
  • Execute a stage roll-out within an agreed upon timeline.
  • Defining strategic competencies and the sales skills of the sales team.
  • Sales organisation model structuring
  • Design of performance metrics and reward systems to improve sales effectiveness and motivation.

By managing Sales force effectiveness drivers well, sales leaders can build high quality sales force that better meets customer’s expectations and magnificently increase company’s revenue and profit.