Employee Benefits And Compliance Management

Our people are the backbone of our business and are crucial for any organisations ability to grow and thrive. The perks or fringe benefits that we provide toemployees as per client policies over and above the salaries and wages are considered as their employee benefits.

We at Medi Transcare provide versatile Employee Benefits which incorporate, medical insurance, vacation, and retirement benefits.

We offer a distinct advantage on competitive recruiting solutions which implicates: —

Comply with all workers compensation requirements,

Pay all applicable state and centraltaxes,

Comply with applicable leave benefits.

Why Medi Transcare for your staff outsourcing?

Medi Transcare is one of the unmatched business outsourcing companies in healthcare business world backed up by our in-house team of competent professionals who are highly trained to drive modernization and technology-oriented outcomes to every facet of your projects in accordance with cost, needs, financial plans, time and compliances.

As professionals, we are well equipped with necessary resources whether its manpower outsourcing, administrating outsourced payroll, recruitment process outsources, managing performance and learning requirements of contractual teams, we are well versed with the best business practices, systems and processes, latest technology and knowledge to adhere to the compliances of our valuable clients globally.

We as a company reassure you to handle all your human resources operations with expertise and specialization and provide you all the benefits by on-boarding competent contractual workforce and taking care of their statutory benefits and payrolls execution for you.

Medi Transcare aims at highly competitive market approach and hence our major focus is that not only your work load is reduced but also you can complete your core responsibilities on time, efficiently in a best compliant manner. 

We have great satisfaction and pleasure that our prompt and resourceful logical approach has placed us as one of the primary Manpower Outsourcing Company in India.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management comprises of a blend of procedures, policies, audits, security controls, documentation and tech enforcements. It includes companies following a set of regulations laid down by the government, regulatory bodies and employee unions.

We adhere to the employment laws, regulations in all the locations and follow fair employment policies and prevent any workplace discrimination while ensuring that the employees are reasonably compensated.