Recruitment Process Outsourcing

At Medi Transcare we provide centralised Recruitment and training support with the help of efficient strategy, Pan India presence and digital process automation. Our processes include job posting, profile sourcing, recruiting, documentation, onboarding co-ordination, policies and communication and sectors we specialise in are pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical diagnostics, capital equipment, hospitals, retail and OTC.

Successful recruitment has a vast impact on business development. Currently, we are providing recruitment process outsourcing services to clients across India for candidate sourcing, resumes searching, shortlisting eligible candidates and effective communications with them.

We identify recruitment strategies based on our understanding of the skills and talent, identify the cause of recruitment failure and provide risk mitigation plan. Our success and visibility across India highlight our dependability regarding permanent or temporary staffing to talent management and development.

Medi Transcare’s exposure to representing talent coupled with sourcing expertise can be leveraged to meet the company’s staffing requirements because we use the latest tools to ensure the seamless and structured journey of the candidate from the day we approach to the offer letter.

Benefits of choosing Medi Transcare as your Outsourcing work force provider.

  • Real time recruitment tracking with metrics
  • Record candidates’ documents, emails, resumes, recruiter comments and details
  • Highly configurable- secure interface supports scalability.
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Multilevel candidate evaluation
  • Better strategic insight.

We understand that full time contractual staff is hired for long term goals enabling stability and consistency and thatit needs to associate with numerous factors apart from qualification, skillsand experience. We facilitate in conducting interviewsfor clients to get a deeper understanding of the requirements and then assess the candidate with their background. Also recruiting fresh new minds in line with global standards including skillset and diversity in gender are a part of our recruitment process.

We have also gained expertise over the years to minimize last-minute withdrawals by candidates. Thus, Medi Transcare adopts unconventional hiring approach and pre-qualification assessment techniques which fosters hiring team collaboration and upgrades candidates experience from source to hire.