Outsourced Payroll Administration

Outsourcing Payroll Management services to manpower consultants can assure impeccable payroll management while you focus on your business functions. Our customised Payroll Management Solutions can address any aspect of your payroll system which is inclusive of all systems from salary account opening to timely salary disbursal and compliance-related obligations including full and final settlement. We help you to manage the payroll of thousands of associates simultaneously through our latest automated tools and software.

Reasons to outsource payroll to Medi Transcare

  • 1 )
    Accurate calculations
  • 2 )
  • 3 )
    Cost efficiency
  • 4 )
    Flexible approach
  • 5 )
    Unleash growth
  • 6 )
    Simpler payroll execution
  • 7 )
    Cutting edge security

Our payroll system supports your company’s growth into new markets while handling new complexities and dealing with new possibilities every day. We assure the safety of your data with our excellent security and privacy standards. Also, we unify your data to compare the reports and you can evade the strenuous activity of in house payroll management as we take the entire responsibility to eliminate the possibility of incorrect filings leading to penalties.

Moreover, outsourcing payroll accounting at Medi Transcare equips you with a robust human resource management system offering faster processing of information and better employee management. When you handover your tasks to Medi Transcare we use all the data and technology to calculate paycheques, workers’ compensation, healthcare compliance, overtime law compliance and more accurately.

Also, we are an expert- run fully managed payroll service providing services as award interpretation and compliance and possess advance payroll software to complete your pay runs and reporting.

Reimbursement Management

Reimbursement management is a pre- planned process of which the primary elements are agreement, measurement and feedback. The tasks handled by Medi Transcare include Field expense audit, field reimbursements, field activity reporting, sales force effectiveness, incentives management and appraisal management.