About us


Medi Transcare was incorporated on 15/12/2009 under the name Medi Transcare Private Limited. Medi Transcare aims to intensify the monetary output of health care companies by providing sales & marketing and distribution solutions based on outsourcing manpower resources for the health care industry.

In this journey Medi Transcare has established its credentials & has leadership in setting;

Medi Transcare places the highest priority on its clients from Surgical Medical devices to Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare Wellness to IT, Electronics, Auto, Finance, Cosmetics, FMCG, and OTC companies.

We assist you in sourcing a broader pool of Field Sales Team as well as Field Service team exceptionally specialised in the sales & marketing sector, it is our job to provide outsourced contractual professionals enabling you to maintain continuity of care, staff, and overall profitability.

Medi Transcare specialises inaccurate mapping of the interests of both our clients as well as our candidates. We bring clarity, context, and visibility to the client’s business growth by providing customized/ need-based field force solutions. 

 Our expertise is the healthcare sectors that produce medical devices or pharmaceuticals, dealing in brand medication or any such medical or hospital supply organization.

The Medi Transcare Journey!

We as one of the aspiring Manpower Outsourcing and Contract Sales providers have achieved milestones in the rapid expansion of business development, Reimbursement, and Payroll executions planning. We articulate our ambition to pursue our targeted objectives globally and maintain relationships through strategic partnerships.

We are fortunate to be recognised for the work we do and have a proven track record of successful collaborations with global partners.

We are presently covering 116 major cities and 6 Metro cities namely Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore prioritised based on market potentials.

We are celebrating more than 10 years of success in serving our esteemed clients and have offered a host of service support by employing skilled Field Force to our valuable customers and world’s topmost healthcare companies.

Even amid the unrelenting pandemic Medi Transcare further focuses on performing as per the client compliances and delivering uninterrupted services with similar zeal and enthusiasm as Sales and workforce Manpower are the inescapable parts of the future.

Medi Transcare Corporate Governance

Statutory compliance relates to the various labour and taxation laws prevalent in India and these laws change on a State and National level, and it is mandatory for the companies to follow them. The Company’s management is committed to high standards of corporate governance which are critical to business integrity. Medi Transcare expects all the directors and management teams to act with honesty, Integrity and fairness. We as a company recognise that the objective of corporate governance code is to facilitate management delivery of business success in transparent and a responsible manner. We ensure the compliance of all the statutory regulations with all the detailed provisions.

We as one of the leading and prominent Field Force staffing organisations have the confidence that we are heading in the perfect direction by spending a good deal of resources for ensuring statutory compliance which is critically important in the current state of affairs. We are proud and reputed for our strong compliance and payroll management system.

We are fully compliant as per Indian Regulations and legally licensed manpower service provider, outsourced nationwide outsourced teams and having proven track record of excellence in outsourcing.

Medi Transcare Values

Our Belief

We strongly believe Service excellence, tremendous business functionality and Promptitude are the Engines behind the New Normal.

Medi Transcare has emerged as the most trusted Manpower Outsourcing Organisation or Contract Sales Organisation and believes in developing the right framework and strategy for staffing the external manpower and accomplishing our clients’ objectives.

Our Vision

Accomplishment of being prominent organisational stature globally. We visualise housing the best talent resource having ample industry insight in order to deliver outsourcing solutions and governance of a long-term corporate affiliation with our customers. A vision to be a company offering a spontaneous readily obtainable and anytime cordial service order so as to serve all your requirements with well-timed solutions.

Medi Transcare Culture

At Medi Transcare, our corporate values are simple and feature our respect for the technique in which we are specialized in that is Outsourcing Manpower Resources. We present a synopsis of our core business values.

  • 1

    Customer Focused

    We understand that our customers need us to deliver incredible business results and hence we work with great energy, passion and have a substantial competitive spirit.

  • 2

    Integrity and Trust

    Trust is the foundation of Medi Transcare’s history. We are tasked to provide the finest employees to our clients and uphold a quality standard on manpower handling, centralising on integral values and trust and taking utmost consideration of both our manpower and our esteemed clients.

  • 3

    Innovative Thinking

    We create solutions that challenge accustomed working methods and deliver commendable results for our valuable customers.

Medi Transcare Sustainability Principles

The “Sustainability Principles” include:

Medi Transcare ensures that the principles set out in the Fundamental Social Principles document and the Business Ethics Principles document are already in place in its own organization and undertakes to, and shall ensure that its associates (including employees, agents, suppliers and sub-contractors) respect the said principles, throughout all stages of rendering the Services, during the commercial relationship. We also strive to continuously work on the implementation of the principles laid down in the Fundamental Environmental Principles document.

To let all Associates better follow up the implementation of the Sustainability Principles within the organization and to have updated relevant information about this implementation, the Company shall communicate to them on a regular basis through various communication mediums and occasions.

All associates shall agree that the Company or its authorized external body shall have the right at any time to monitor the permanent adherence and implementation of the Sustainability Principles. For this, the Company aligned to review any time with them, including without limitation, the premises, its records and the complete process of execution of the Services.

If any assurance is found to be breached, the associates shall meet mutually at the Company’s request and discuss the reasons leading to the breach. The associates shall then make up and set up corrective actions with an appropriate time schedule to cure the breach of the obligation.

If the corrective actions are not implemented to the Company’s satisfaction in accordance with the agreed time schedule or if the breach by the associates of any of the Sustainability Principles recurs, the Company is entitled to terminate all Agreements in accordance with the terms and provisions of respective Services Agreement.

At MTC we hold to high standards along with our management beliefs, which are alive in our values and mission statement. Our Sustainability Standards reflect our internal values and the expectations of external stakeholders, such as clients, regulators and the public.

We realize business associations are more productive and effective when they are built on trust, mutual respect and common values, and build relationships with clients with the shared vision. We also believe that when these guiding standards are followed, both businesses and communities appreciate economic, social and environmental benefits.

We developed the Standards as per guiding principles and expectations of our esteemed clients; we strive to include these elements of Standards in delivering quality services to them.

Our Responsibility Standards, in addition to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, comply with our Fundamental Social Principals, our Environmental Policies, our Business Ethics & Principles, and Human Rights Policy.

Given our efforts in these areas, we fully support the Priority Industry Principles on Forced Labor: every worker should have freedom of movement; no worker should pay for a job; and no worker should be indebted or coerced to work.

Medi Transcare Quality Policy

We at Medi Transcare, as Contract sales & Manpower Outsourcing Organization shall strive to provide optimum commercialization solutions to healthcare companies; we shall work towards customer delight by ensuring robust processes by maximizing the outsourced work effectiveness in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Learning & Development, and HR & MIS through our quality objectives. We shall ensure continuous process improvement by questioning, revalidating & raising the bar of our deliverables time to time.


To focus on building FIVE distinctive core capabilities:

We shall apply these capabilities to client’s portfolio of scalable global businesses where our business expertise and differentiation is valued to solve challenging problems for our clients & their customers

Key Execution Priorities

Medi Transcare Business strategy and execution plan is developed in line with our Client Business Priorities.

Governance Systems

Good governance is essential to the effectiveness of Medi Transcare in achieving its vision and mission. The organization’s governance system includes the policies, processes and people whereby decisions are made and implemented, policies enacted and authority delegated. Corporate governance policies need to be adhered to by all Medi Transcare departments & management teams as mentioned in Quality Manual. This “Quality” Policy applies to all our business units and shall be used to determine overall relevant business Goals & Objectives

Environment Sustainability Policy Objectives:

Human Rights Policy Objectives:

The systems, the procedures, the Programs that are implemented in the company for deployment, retrenchment, promotions, demotions etc.

  1. A systematic process duly classifying the categories of roles for maintaining disciplinary control and appeal, shall be designed and communicated to all the employees of the firm so as to enable them to understand the measures that are necessitated for maintenance of the discipline in the company for the controlling of the staff.
  2. Creating confidence and reliability among the employees for their role to be played in the interest of the company, its clients as well as for their own continuance.
  3. Strict implementation of the rules and regulations, procedures, Programs in a congenial atmosphere without showing any partial nature to keep up the employee’s status and retention forever.
  4. Maintaining transparent policy in administrative and HR activities in company to create a sense of responsibility arising out of their job protection and prosperity.
  5. Communicating HR policies and Programs to employees and to ensure effectiveness in their duties by improving their professional skills and capabilities.
  6. Judicious decisions in the matters relating to promotions, transfers, appointments and recruitments strengthen the Institutional standards and professional image.
  7. Disciplinary measures wherever required shall be implemented to maintain control and supervision and to give a sense of responsibility and dedication to the employees, towards their legitimate duties and functions.

Business Conduct & Ethics Policy Objectives:

MTC is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and vigorously enforcing the integrity of its business practices wherever it operates.

This outlines standards of personal and professional conduct that all employees must strive to uphold and behave in an ethical and professional manner at all times.  The Code provides a basis for all employees to maintain a working environment that is productive, positive, enjoyable, safe and free from harassment and discrimination.  It will also assist managers to induct employees into Medi Transcare and address any circumstances that may arise, which conflict with the stated standards and Values.

The Employee Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines and standards for the appropriate behaviour expected out of Medi Transcare employees. 

This Code of Conduct provides a framework for appropriate behaviour for all Medi Transcare employees where they can address ethical issues, which way employees and management to:

The Code of Conduct is established on the following organizational values: integrity, innovation, Deliver the promise, Team work and Relationships and Learning. This relies on individuals being responsible for their own professional behavior within the provisions of this code, Medi Transcare policies, legislation and relevant industrial clauses that apply to individual contracts of employment.

Any of the MTC employee will not perform any actions (directly himself or indirectly in the name of other party including their relatives) that are prohibited by local and other anti-corruption laws (collectively “Anti-Corruption Laws”) that may be applicable to Medi Transcare and their Clients.

Where there is doubt as to the application of the Code, or the appropriate course of action to be adopted, employees affected should discuss the matter with their manager.


  • 1

    Business integrity

    Business integrity involves the application of the company’s core values. The opposite of integrity is dishonest behavior, including corruption that could undermine Medi Transcare’s reputation for fair dealing.

  • 2


    Bribery, in broad terms, is the receiving or offering of undue reward or anything of value and includes payments to secure a business advantage, financial or otherwise, to which the company is not entitled. Anything of value can be a bribe, including a gift in kind or some other favor such as an offer of employment to a relative of the person being bribed. It will involve the giver and the receiver in the improper performance of a personal, company or official responsibility.

  • 3


    Corruption can include graft, bribery, facilitation payments or other forms of improper business practice. It has the same attributes as set out under Bribery above. It can be summarized as the misuse of entrusted power or office, whether in the public or private sector, for private gain.

  • 4


    Kickbacks arise when suppliers or service providers pay part of their fees to the individuals who give them the contract or some other business advantage.

Adherence to the clear guidelines set out in this policy will ensure that the company and its employees comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and governmental guidance. The policy reflects the Company’s wish to embed a culture of best practice in anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures, and enforcement of the policy will reduce the risk that the company or any employee will incur any criminal liability or reputational damage. Employees are expected to use their judgment not just to avoid malpractice but to promote good practice.

Compliance with Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy Objectives:

The company does not take part in acts of corruption, or pay bribes or receive kickbacks either directly or indirectly.

The company prohibits its employees from engaging in acts of corruption, and from paying bribes or kickbacks to, or accepting bribes or kickbacks from, public officials and private individuals such as the personnel of companies with which the company does business.

It is the responsibility of all employees who are involved at any time in engaging with internal and external customers, client taking the services of external consultants, suppliers or advisers to ensure that adherence to the company’s Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policy.

Sustainable Procurement Policy Objectives

Sustainable Procurement Policy is an integral part of Medi Transcare’s formal procedures and considerations for purchasing goods and services.

Sustainable Procurement incorporates human rights, health, safety and environmental concerns into the search for high quality products and services at viable prices, with following measures in place-

If any employee fails to comply with any of Code of Conduct, Compliances and Ethics, such failure will be deemed to be a material breach of the Employment Agreement and, upon any such failure, and based on facts and evidences the disciplinary action shall be taken against the employee, which may result into termination of the services of the employee with immediate effect upon written notice to employee without having any financial liability or other liability of any nature whatsoever resulting from any such execution.